U.s.-China Agreement On Cooperation In Science And Technology

On the other hand, technology has also developed very slowly in the United States. In the past, few high-use dual-use technologies would cause security problems at the national level. In addition, these technologies often had military applications. However, as technology applications increasingly connect to people`s daily lives, even dating apps can now collect personal data that justifies regulators` concerns. The United States is increasingly vulnerable in many new technological areas that were not previously considered sensitive. Scientific and technological cooperation between the two partners dates back to 1979, when they signed the Sino-American partners. Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement (S-T Agreement), which has given the two countries nearly 50 inter-institutional agreements and jointly supported thousands of cooperation programmes. Why is the resumption of technological cooperation beneficial to both the United States and China? The two countries only have to gain if their technological cooperation is implemented at a business-to-business or individualized level. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the demand for approximately one million more science, technology, engineering and mathematics (MINT) specialists than the United States currently produces to preserve its own technological preeminence. And over the years, China has always been the main source of MINT students enrolled in the United States.

In addition, surveys by the U.S. National Science Foundation show that 90% of Chinese scientists are still working 10 years after their PHD in SCIENCES in the United States. These scholars drive innovation in Silicon Valley and accelerate the creation of technology applications that benefit millions of people in the United States. The value of cooperation with the United States at the business-to-business or individualized level is also evident for China. For example, in the United States, medical companies have brought innovative treatments to China`s huge health market through joint ventures, covering a wide range of complex diseases such as influenza, diabetes and high blood pressure.