Tafe Sa Enterprise Agreement 2016

TAFE SA Enterprise Agreement 2016 – A Comprehensive Guide

If you`re a TAFE SA employee or just interested in workplace agreements, you may have heard about the TAFE SA Enterprise Agreement 2016. This agreement encompasses a range of employment conditions and pay rates that directly affect TAFE SA`s staff members. In this article, we`ll explore the TAFE SA Enterprise Agreement 2016 in detail, including its background, its key features, and the benefits it offers to TAFE SA employees.


The TAFE SA Enterprise Agreement 2016 covers the employment agreement between TAFE SA and its employees. The agreement was designed to ease the transition from a previous industrial framework to a new one that would better reflect the needs of TAFE SA`s employees and stakeholders. The agreement was reached after a series of negotiations between TAFE SA and employee representatives, and it was ultimately finalized in September 2016.

Key Features

The TAFE SA Enterprise Agreement 2016 is an extensive document that covers numerous aspects of TAFE SA`s employment practices. Some of the key features of the agreement include:

– A flexible working arrangements policy that allows employees to request changes to their work hours and patterns, subject to operational requirements.

– An emphasis on supporting employees` work-life balance through a range of leave entitlements, including personal leave, carer`s leave, and parental leave.

– Improved pay rates for casual and part-time staff, as well as the introduction of a new classification structure that better reflects employee skills and responsibilities.

– A commitment to diversity and inclusion, with provisions for promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment, recognizing cultural diversity, and preventing workplace discrimination.

– An employee development program that provides opportunities for career growth and skills development through professional development activities, study leave, and secondments.


The TAFE SA Enterprise Agreement 2016 offers significant benefits to TAFE SA employees. The agreement provides a fair and transparent system for determining pay rates and classifications, which helps to promote employee satisfaction and retention. The emphasis on work-life balance and employee development also contributes to a positive workplace culture that encourages staff members to grow and thrive. Finally, the agreement`s commitment to diversity and inclusion helps to create a welcoming and supportive workplace environment that values all employees.


The TAFE SA Enterprise Agreement 2016 is an important employment agreement that reflects TAFE SA`s commitment to its employees. The agreement provides a range of valuable benefits, including improved pay rates, flexible working arrangements, and an emphasis on career development and work-life balance. If you`re a TAFE SA employee, it`s worth familiarizing yourself with the specifics of the agreement and its provisions. If you`re not a TAFE SA employee, the agreement can still provide valuable insight into how industrial agreements work and the kinds of benefits that they can offer to employees.