Sekiro Service Agreement

Your right to use the product is also based on compliance with all terms of use, terms of use and privacy policy that you have agreed and accepted with third parties (“Third Party Conditions”). ii. to use or redeploy the product (or any of its parts) for commercial purposes, including (a) to allow its use in an Internet cafĂ©, computer gaming centre or other location-based website, without Activision`s explicit written consent; (b) collecting game money, items or resources for sale outside the product; c) performing ingame services for payment outside the product, for example. B electricity compensation; or (d) the sale of accounts, deposit information or other documents, access or rights; This agreement represents the entire agreement and agreement between you and Activision and replaces all previous or simultaneous agreements or agreements, written or oral, relating to the issues contained in it. The product may allow or require access to other third-party materials, services or websites (“Third-party materials”). The use of third-party materials may require additional conditions of use. iv. unless written permission from Activision, hosting, providing or developing matchmaking services for the product, or intercepting, emulsifying or redirecting in any way the communication protocols used by Activision, for any purpose, including, but not exclusively, to unauthorized games on the Internet, network games or as part of content aggregation networks; one. The product may include message cards, content sharing features and other ways that allow you to share the content you create (“UGC”), as well as other users. To the extent permitted by current legislation, by submitting uGC (including, but not limited to images, videos, customer contributions, submissions of ideas, proposals and messages), you automatically grant (or ensure and guarantee that the owner has expressly granted these rights) to Activision an unlimited, worldwide, free, irrevocable, non-exclusive and licensed to use, reproduce , modification, adaptation, publication, translation, sublicensing, the creation of such media, which is now known throughout the universe or was later developed, and agree that Activision will have the right to make full use of the UGC for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without compensation, notification or registration.

You renounce and agree not to assert moral or similar rights that you have in one of your GCUs. A. Activision grants you a personal, non-exclusive license for the use of the product for your non-commercial use. This license to use the product is not transferable within the maximum limit allowed by law. You cannot rent, rent, lend, sell, resell or sublicensing the product. You may not copy, decompose, decompose, disassemble, attempt to derive, modify or create works derived from the product (unless this license and other applicable conditions or rules of use expressly permit it), updates or parts of it (except to the extent permitted by current legislation, or to the extent that licensing conditions for the use of open source components are applicable). , which are included in the licensed application.